News Flash

If you're not prepared, the holiday season could bring a disaster – customers. That's right, customers could wind up being your worst enemy if you're not ready for them. With thousands of people visiting your website, any lag in load times could bring your business to a grinding halt.

So how do you stay ahead of the holiday traffic? By planning ahead.

Use the Rackspace Downtime Cost Calculator to really understand how much traffic spikes could cost your business. Then, email or call us to develop a custom scalability plan and keep your site running when the holiday traffic hits. We are your local Rack Space Representative.

Get On The Cloud

  • Your Web Site is safer and better protected from mal-ware and runs faster on our custom built virtual private servers via Rack Space.
  • Your Email is accessible anywhere you can pick hosted MS Exchange, Rack Space Apps or Google Apps to host your Email.
  • Your Data is accessible anywhere your files are synced, backed up and can be served lightening fast directly from Akamai's CDN.
  • Your Desk Top is accessible anywhere via Rack Space Virtual Desk Top - using Citrix Systems technologies.
  • Your Business is running on the cloud based services, no worries about backing up, Web, Email & Data.

Remote File Servers & Backups

File Servers, Syncing Directories and System Backups.

Rack Space Cloud computing can accomodate the latest technologies of cloud file serving. Cloud Files are  object based containers that are triple backed up at any one time by default. You pay only for what you use.

what you should know

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a marketing term which includes any internet services that are not local. If you have a web site and check your email through the browser and backup to services like Amazon S3, Carbonite, or some other backup solution your business is already on "The Cloud".