If you are reading this you’re probably looking for a fast solution to fix your web site that has been attacked by MALWARE.
Does your Word Press site just not work anymore?
Do you get the white screen of death?
When accessing your site does it get redirected to some hackers web site that trys and run a virus on you computer?
Have you been flagged by Google or Bing as an infected site?
Did you know that Go Daddy, Host Monster, Verio as well as other large hosting companies are not monitoring any of this and could care less about your business for $4 a month?
Did you know that many of these attacks are coming from other sites that share the server you are using, some even come from the server itself because of poor server security.
The complexity and sophistication of the hackers has become more work for the hosting comapnies so they just ignore the problem, while you go out of business.