Backup Storage as a File Server

A recent trend in file sharing and archiving is using your remote web server or backup disk space as a file server. Some apps even let you lock the files while they are being edited so that others with the same access can't overwrite your changes. While other applications will download and cache your file locally and automatically upload it back to the server in the background after the file is closed. There are limitations mostly due to bandwidth and applications time-out issues.  Database files like Quick Books that read and write to the same file multiple times while opening using and closing the file are not good candidates for remote calling and caching. Word files and Excel and even some smaller Access file can work very well this way. This approach eliminates the need to backup these files because they are already being served from remote server, which it self is backed up.

While this implementation may not be perfect it and has limitations, its a good start at eliminating loss of intellectual property and corporate assets. Today many local file servers are synced or backed up to a remote  drive in the cloud. As bandwidth becomes cheaper, security and safe keeping of assets are major concern. We will continue to see advances in this direction until all the work and files are off-loaded to a data center in cyberspace. This will lower the demands on the local PC and network and increase efficiencies across all architectures.

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