Why root access = security, why LWS - $60 a month

Why LWS.

  1. Single point of contact - LWS
  2. True Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with real root access (root access = security)
  3. Only us and You have read/write access to the servers,  Edward Snowden proof.
  4. We build the servers to your specs, Linux (Red-Hat, Debian, CentOS, others, Windows SQL server) CMS  via ( Joomla, WordPress, Drupal)
  5. Best back-end support in the industry through Rack Space in Texas/Chicago – we use their (data center) servers and tech support.
  6. Managed Servers are $100 cheaper than buying direct through Rack Space, we manage the servers at reduce prices, mole resistant (Edward Snowden)
  7. True instantly scalable Cloud Servers, with edge delivery via Akamai ( better than Amazon S3) bw transfer not extra.
  8. We monitor the heartbeat of your server using Nagios monitoring software, which updates every 3 minutes, reports any Web Server, CPU, space, or memory issues.
  9. Tech support and minor updates are done free of charge.
  10. No long term contracts – just month to month or 10% off by the year.
  11. We are not marketers, or graphic designers or web masters, we are experts in programming and server administration, we support those efforts and teach.
  12. We’ll offer quick low cost installation/customization of off-the-shelf themes for all content systems.
  13. We offer free training on all the afore mentioned content systems.
  14. We’ll work with, hire or help coordinate your marketers and or graphic designers and web masters to create secure platform to run your business.
  15. For email you have your choice of Rack Space Apps for $2 per seat or Google Apps at $5 per seat we manage and resell both products.
  16. We have been Incorporated as and LLC for over 10 years we are available when you need us.

You can always take your business elsewhere if you’re not happy or move your server in-house etc.
We only service and support what we sell and Rack Space is our server provider, our hourly rate is $75, but typically based on fixed price and the value of the work not how long it takes us to do, if work can’t be adequately described then hourly rates apply.

The take away, if you don’t use us is make sure you have a server with root access, without that you cannot secure your server.
Beware of cheap shared hosting, understand that if software is shared it is hack-able.