Get On The Cloud

  • Your Web Site is safer and better protected from mal-ware and runs faster on our custom built virtual private servers via Rack Space.
  • Your Email is accessible anywhere you can pick hosted MS Exchange, Rack Space Apps or Google Apps to host your Email.
  • Your Data is accessible anywhere your files are synced, backed up and can be served lightening fast directly from Akamai's CDN.
  • Your Desk Top is accessible anywhere via Rack Space Virtual Desk Top - using Citrix Systems technologies.
  • Your Business is running on the cloud based services, no worries about backing up, Web, Email & Data.

If you've been considering moving your critical business operations to cloud based services, please contact us for a quote for services. Today there is no reason to keep, expensive to support, file and local email exchange servers. For less than a 10th of the cost of your existing solutions, we can provide peace of mind and quality service with personalized one on one tech support.

Your Web Site is moved, from dangerous shared hosting like Go Daddy, Blue Host, Host Monster, Hostway,and many others, absolutely free.
If you pay less than $20 a month there is a good chance your web site is at risk of being hacked. Shared hosting environment is ok for hobbyist and school projects but is not meant nor should be used for any business web presence. Would you buy a house in neighborhood where you couldn't find out who lives next door? On our custom built VPS machines you own the neighborhood only us and you have the access, not even Rack Space can access data. Your business information is private, access is only allowed via encrypted connections.

We monitor CPU, disk space, user log-in, memory, web server, ftp access every 10 minutes. If any of these parameters are a problem our techs are notified by email until the problem is fixed. Hackers, high traffic and network problems can happen and if they do we know before you do and the problem is fix before any business is lost.

Your Email can be migrated along with all the save messages to any of our email hosting solutions. Rack Space Apps has all the same features as Google Apps at 1/5th the cost. Easy to use clean interface and 25GB of storage which can be expanded as needed. You can sync your smart phone and access email from anywhere. We walk you through setting up Outlook and other apps that need access to email at no cost. If you currently host your email locally or with your current web hosting we will move it quickly and at no cost and ensure you never miss an email in the process. After the move help is a just a phone call away and always provided at no cost. Stop paying for in office services calls.

You Data is safe on Rack Space Files, triple backed up object based  file storage with access to Akamais CDN (content delivery system)
Akamai and Rack Space are partners which means no bandwidth charges for edge delivery of video and other streaming content or high available data, unlike Amazon S3 who's CDN is expensive.

You can choose to add 100GB Blocks of storage to your server for less than $20 a month. All servers and data are backed up to Rack Space Files and can be restored within minutes. We recommend these 3rd party free and paid for Apps to access you data

You access your desk top computer using web accessible Virtual Desk Top. Similar to other remote desktop apps in terms what we provide but superior in how we achieve that functionality. Your desk top connection has the performance of VPN. Desktop control is almost like being in the office in front of your computer and only limited by the speed of your connection.

The above described services are what everyone is talking about when they say my business is on the cloud. The cloud simply means not local. In fact your web site has always been in "The Cloud". Your Email has always been in "The Cloud", whats changed is how you access your email and the ability to store your messages remotely. Because of increasing access speeds, storing files online is now more feasible, your web site is just collection of files and databases, not unlike your local computer. Remote Desktop is what use to be called screen scraping. In fact "The Cloud" is nothing very new in terms of what it does, it is a catch-all marketing term which refers to all the above services as a centralized turn-key solution. Not unlike term "Web 2.0" which encompassed self publishing and social networking, being coined as a catch-all marketing term describing non-static content and user interaction, the web having been static in prior years.

  • We have the expertise.
  • We have been providing remote services for years.
  • We are not an marketing company, web designers, graphic designers or PC/MAC repair (Geek Squad)
  • We provide knowledge, support business advise and customized computer services for your unique business