Remote File Servers & Backups

File Servers, Syncing Directories and System Backups.

Rack Space Cloud computing can accomodate the latest technologies of cloud file serving. Cloud Files are  object based containers that are triple backed up at any one time by default. You pay only for what you use.

This is where and how we backup all of our servers. You can connect directly to cloud files using 3rd party software oR through the provided control panel.

Cloud Block Storage gets attached to your current web server to expand storage space without the need to increase CPU or Memory. You can also access Cloud Block Storage via FTP and 3rd party remote drive software which maps your server to your local computer as just another drive. Cloud storage of important files insures that you always have access to these files and that they are always safe from computer disasters. Most business computer resources include a file server, which acts as a common platform, where mulitple users can have access to the same files. Using Rack Space storage as file servers is now possible due to the increase connection speeds and availble software to map and sync local files. Using these technologies many assets that use to reside locally on a file server can be called from a remote storage device on Rack Space. While these solutions are constrained to the limitations of the internet and latencies as well as the physical size of the files, it is a good alternative to using a local file server for light applciations. Most solutions encompass syncing or backing up a local server, rather than eliminating the local server. This way you have the speed of local access and the convenience of remote without compromise. This senario is nothing new in grand scheme of things, backups local and remote senarios are common place.  The difference is how you use these resources and the way you access you assets, this sets Cloud Computing appart from convention backup, however the idea has not changed.

Contact us of a complete solution which will keep you data safe, let you expand or downsize your service in minutes and inccrease your prductivity by making your assets widely available.


We can recommend and have tested these easy to install sollutions that will enable you to leverage existing server space or utilize more, by adding a virtual drive to to your PC or MAC

Web Drive

Gladinet Cloud Desktop