The Gladinet Cloud

Welcome to the Gladinet Cloud

Gladinet Cloud provides unified, managed access to cloud and local storage. If required, you can install a local client (Mac or Windows) to have native access within Gladinet Cloud, here are a few quick pointers for you to get started.
Team Folders: You can set up team folders and assign users to the team folder with permissions. The concept is similar to a network share. users can visit team folder from web browser, mobile clients, in addition to using native PC clients.

Storage Manager: You can choose a file server as your backend storage. You can choose a C:\ as your backend storage. You can use a private cloud storage service such as OpenStack or EMC Atmos. You can even use a public cloud storage account as your backend storage. It is all done through the storage manager.
User Manager: You can manually add or delete users.
Group Manager: For the default user manager, you can define users that belong to a certain group. For Active Directory, you inherit the groups from the Active Directory.