what you should know

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a marketing term which includes any internet services that are not local. If you have a web site and check your email through the browser and backup to services like Amazon S3, Carbonite, or some other backup solution your business is already on "The Cloud".

The differences are how you access and use these services. Because good bandwidth is fairly common you can use your backup services as file servers in some cases where the files are small enough or where the software uses caching to update the remote copy in the background.

Recently many businesses are investing in technologies they already use without understanding why. Centralization of services is one reason, better delivery of services is another. Moving your web site or email from one Cloud based service to another provider should be for a good reason. Many IT companies are selling backup services as file servers in an effort to persuade business owners to migrate other services like email and web hosting. The fact is that remote services are extremely inexpensive and have cut into the bottom line of many IT on-site service companies. Call us to get the facts or for a second opinion we understand and support all remote services and can at the very least save you the time and money.